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Inductive proximity sensors are particularly suitable for non-contact detection of metal objects. The presence of a metal in the working range of the proximity switch modifies the electromagnetic field and generates an intervention signal.
In this way, the position of metal objects or elements of the machine can be detected safely and without wear. The biggest advantage of inductive proximity switches is the almost limitless insensitivity to water and dirt.
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ProxiPlus - up to 100% more sensing distance
The new inductive ProxiPlus series of Proxitron offers you not only more operating distance. The new inductive sensors offer you the opportunity to use a smaller housing with the constant or bigger switching distance than before.
ProxiPolar and ProxiHeat
Proxitron has launched with ProxPolar and ProxiHeat a further series of the inductive sensors. The electric components, in this especially for extreme conditions developed sensors, are encapsulated in a high-quality plastic case.
ProxiPolar sensors are perfect for the use from temperatures from up to - 40 °C and are therefore perfectly suited for durable outside installations. Proxitron offers several housing forms as well as sensors with switching distances of 19 mm to 200 mm.
ProxiHeat sensors are used at ambient temperatures from up to 120 °C. They are also available in different housing forms and with sensing distances from 19 - 200 mm.
With the new series, Proxitron defines clearly the sensors in plastic housings (ProxiHeat) from the proved high temperature series in stainless steel housings. The sensors in stainless steel housings are used, as usual, for temperatures up to 230 °C.
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