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Our continuing effort to achieve the best in design and technical innovation has enabled us to manufacture our universal joint and cardan shaft product line with outstanding features and performance at the highest quality level.

Our product strengths include:

  • Adavnced engineering:

We use 3d modelling and FEM analisys softwares.

  • Prolonged Bearing Life:

Unique designs for bearing sealing and auto-centering of cross assemblies to ensure optimal lubricating conditions.

  • Superior Machining Precision:

Spline sets are precision machined with a unique hobbing-broaching process.The spline surface are  also hardened to ensure the  accuracy and durability of the transmission is enhanced. The customer can choose between involute or rectangular tooth profiles for the splines.
  • Production of dedicated components:

In addition to the production of standard components we have added the production of special components, obtained by forged raw material and with special design, engignered for the specific needs of the client's application.
  • Anti-vibration system:
In addition to the balancing has been very important the elimination of the movement that can be generated by the tolerance between the teeth of the shaft and sliding tube. This movement generates vibrations harmful to the elements connected to the transmission, for this reason we have introduced a system to guide the outer tube which runs with a tolerance of 0.1 mm as standard up to size 315. To achieve this result, all components must be perfectly aligned to the central theoretical axis of the cardan shaft. The advantages can be summarized as: keeping dirt, vibration and balance perfectly even at high speeds.
  • Optimal Balancing Quality:

Through research into vibration engineering, investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and dynamic balancing techniques EPR has developed cardan shafts that work extremely well at high speeds. Furthermore, welded shafts are tested using Ultrasonic equipment (SONATEST PRISMA with Phased Array) and ensure the standard grade G16 DIN ISO1940 balancing level. Even balancing grades with higher precision are available on demand.
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